How to access the Applications folder from the terminal in Mac OS X Lion

I open a new terminal window in Mac and the first thing I do is list all the files with the command


Cannot find the Applications folder in Mac

The applications folder is not there when you type ls in a new terminal window

The results are dissapointing. Nowhere do I see the Applications folder and the question that always rises to a Geek.

Why is this happening to me?

Why can I not find the Applications folder in the terminal?

Such a simple task.

Geeks, these are the type of issues that we confront that are simply stupid but can take hours or a very long time to solve. As always, the solution is plain and simple and I will share it with all of you so that you don’t waste your time.

How to find the Applications folder from the terminal in Mac OS

To find the Applications folder open a terminal window and type the command:

cd /Applications

Command to find the Applications folder in Mac

Type cd /Applications to access your Applications folder insider the root directory

Thats it!

What happens is that when you type the ls command on a newly opened terminal, you are viewing your home files. Your application folder is not there.

The application folder in Mac OS X is in your root folder.

That is why you do not see it.

If you do not know that the application folder is in the root directory you will have a hard time accessing it. So next time when you open a terminal window and you do not find a folder check your root directory.

To list the contents of the root directory you simply type the command

ls /

This command will list all the files and directories in your root directory. There you will see your Applications folder.

Therefore, when you type the command

cd /Applications

you are instructing the terminal to go first to your root directory and from there access your Applications folder.


Andrés Díaz

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