Where is the .profile file in mac os x lion? – Mac Terminal Trick

If you don’t find the .profile file in Mac OS X Lion, JUST CREATE IT! .profile file should be located in your home directory. Your home directory is where the terminal opens by default.To see if you have the file or not, type ls -all after opening the terminal. This command will show you all […]

Trick: Panasonic Aspect Ratio Problem Solution

Panasonic Aspect ratio problem

I was watching a movie in HBO the other day and my tv automatically changed the aspect ratio. The screen size got modified and I could not see all the screen. I have a Panasonic TH-42PWD6 This was the problem and it was making me crazy!!! After spending a lot of time I figured out […]

Tumblr Tip: Move to WordPress (Period)

LOL. I just love the title of this post. As you guys might know, I started the blog on Tumblr. The reasons where: I had no time to maintain an on premise CMS System I didn’t want to see a line of code. Even though I know a lot of coding I just didn’t want […]