How to translate a WordPress site or blog and localize the content

Geek challenge. How to translate a website, localize it in multiple languages and maintain your website efficiency towards SEO? In other words, if you have your in english and you want to translate it to another language, let say spanish, what is the best way possible? For those who had not thought about SEO, let […]

Tumblr Tip: Move to WordPress (Period)

LOL. I just love the title of this post. As you guys might know, I started the blog on Tumblr. The reasons where: I had no time to maintain an on premise CMS System I didn’t want to see a line of code. Even though I know a lot of coding I just didn’t want […]

Tumblr Trick: How to add tweet button to tumblr. Twitter button for your posts

This definitely is a trick and not a tip. It is not as straightforward as I thought but it is simple to add a tweet button to your tumblr blog that references your particular post url. How to add Tweet Button to Tumblr Grab your tweet button code for tumblr here: Setup the variables data-url=”{ShortURL}” data-counturl=”{Permalink}” […]

SEO Trick: Add a sitemap to your tumblr blog or web page and work on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Adding a sitemap.xml is one of the first steps to do SEO since it helps Google and other search engines crawl your website easier hence optimizing your SEO How to add a Sitemap to Tumblr 1. Guess what? Its already done! Find your Tumblr sitemap by navigating to http://{yourdomain}/sitemap1.xml or http://{yourdomain}/sitemap.xml or 2. Submit it to […]