Pagosonline Payment Gateway Review

Recently I launched an e-commerce site in Colombia called I needed to accept payments in Colombia and also receive online payments in a Colombian bank account. This requirement immediately filtered options like Paypal or Google Checkout since these payment gateways do not connect their service with a Colombian Bank account. This situation led me […]

How to access the mysql command line in Xampp from Mac OS X terminal

For the impatient: How to setup the mysql command line after installing Xampp in Mac OS X: Open your .profile file in Mac. This can be done by entering the terminal and typing: open -t ~/.profile Add the following line to your ./profile file. Replace the bolded part with the path where you installed Xampp, […]

How to access the Applications folder from the terminal in Mac OS X Lion

I open a new terminal window in Mac and the first thing I do is list all the files with the command ls The applications folder is not there when you type ls in a new terminal window The results are dissapointing. Nowhere do I see the Applications folder and the question that always rises […]

Gmail failure sending email with Google apps solution


You have setup your Google apps, you have verified your domain name and you are ready to send an email with you newly created email accounts. But as soon as you click the send button you receive an 500 server error permanent failure sending the email.  It happened to me as well and the solution […]

Show profile picture in search results with author information


I did not know about this trick but recently discovered that you may add your profile picture and author information to the google search results. This means that when google shows the organic search results, if it is able to identify your identity it might show your profile picture. You have to be aware though, […]

How to translate a WordPress site or blog and localize the content

Geek challenge. How to translate a website, localize it in multiple languages and maintain your website efficiency towards SEO? In other words, if you have your in english and you want to translate it to another language, let say spanish, what is the best way possible? For those who had not thought about SEO, let […]