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CDN and CDN acceleration

CDN and CDN acceleration
CDN and CDN acceleration

CDN, content delivery network. The basic idea is to avoid bottlenecks and links on the Internet that may affect data transmission speed and stability as much as possible, so that content transmission can be faster and more stable. By placing node servers throughout the network to form a layer of intelligent virtual network based on the existing Internet.

The CDN system can real-time analyze the network traffic and the connection and load status of each node, as well as the distance to the user and response time. and other comprehensive information to redirect the user’s request to a service node closer to the user. Its purpose is to enable users to obtain the required content nearby, solve network congestion, and improve the response speed of users’ access to the website.

Service model, content distribution network is a new type of network content service system, which is built based on IP network and provides content distribution and services based on the efficiency requirements, quality requirements and content order of content access and application. From a broad perspective, CDN represents a high-quality network application service model with a distinctive network order built based on the network.

Simply put, a content distribution network is a strategically deployed overall system, including four requirements: distributed storage, load balancing, redirection of network requests, and content management. Content management and global network traffic management are the core of CDN. location. By judging user proximity and server load, CDN ensures that content is served to user requests in an extremely fast manner.

Benefits of using CDN

1. Donā€™t worry about your website visitors, you can quickly open the website no matter what time, place or network operator.

2. The procurement costs of various server virtual host bandwidths, including post-operation and maintenance costs, will be greatly reduced.

3. The direct benefits to the website are: traffic, consultation volume, customer volume, and order volume will all be greatly increased.

The working principle of CDN acceleration is to cache various resources from the origin site to CDN nodes in various places or even around the world, just like copying and pasting. When a user initiates a visit to the origin site, the user can obtain the data closer to them. information without having to go to the origin site to access it. In this way, line congestion is avoided when accessing the origin site, and the access pressure on the origin site is reduced. At the same time, users get a faster access experience.

Benefits of CDN acceleration
Benefits of CDN acceleration

Benefits of CDN acceleration

1. Improve security

After a website is connected to the CDN acceleration service, users can only access the CDN node when accessing, and the origin site will be hidden, which to a certain extent protects the origin site from the risk of being attacked. Since the nodes accelerated by CDN are relatively scattered, attackers cannot attack them all when launching an attack, which increases the difficulty of their attack. Attacking one node only affects the cache access of one node.

2. Improve website access speed

The direct benefit of CDN acceleration is that it greatly improves the access speed of the website. CDN acceleration can break through the bandwidth speed bottleneck limit and expand the bandwidth’s reception capacity, so that users will not be crowded when accessing the website. The multiple node layout accelerated by CDN allows users to access nearby node resources in different places, allowing users to obtain news faster.

3. The website is not easy to hang up.

When a large amount of traffic flows into the website at the same time, using a CDN can reduce website downtime and at the same time, your website can receive more traffic. As the time users spend visiting the website increases, the bounce rate will be greatly reduced, which is also conducive to various conversions of the website.


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